Top Tips for a Great Hen Party

25th Aug 2014 at 09:17am by Top Dog

Great Hen Party Ideas

Apart from the main wedding events, organizing the hen party can be one of the most stressful things to do, so we've put together a list of useful tips to make the experience a little easier. 

Whether it’s your own hen party, or your organizing someone else’s, the hints and tips below should help you to get organized and ensure everyone has an amazing time. From custom printed hen party t-shirts to where to eat and drink, we've got you covered. 

1) Money – This is always a sticky issue for most hen parties. No matter the size of the party group, there is normally a wide range of people attending and everyone will have different financial circumstances. Pick activities that everyone can enjoy but that won’t break the bank. If the Hen wants something specific, maybe book activities together as a group and ask for contributions with the hen providing a top up so things don’t get to pricey. 

2) Who’s on the guest list? – Again another issue that can cause problems. Sometimes family members don’t get along or different circles of friends may not mix well. Ultimately this party is for the bride and if someone is going to spoil it, don’t invite them. Always ask the Hen who she wants along as it’s her party after all. A great way to get people together in the party group who may not know each other is to have themed hen party t-shirts with names or descriptions so everyone feels part of the group. 

3) Contact everyone first - Get in touch with everyone attending personally, especially if you’re organising the hen party. Just a quick email can make a difference and make everyone feel included. It’s also a great way to get an idea of people’s budgets and anything they’re keen to include early on. 

4) Delegation’s what you need! – Regardless of who is organizing the party, it never hurts to ask for help sometimes. Asking those attending to help make a reservation, or pick up a few items in advance can help make a huge task a little easier. 

5) Those Extra Touches Count - Don’t forget to add those little personal touches to make the hen party special and most importantly, personal. Photos from childhood or school, and messages from everyone at the hen party, personalised favours, and hen party t-shirts, or a gift for the bride like a dressing gown with her new name embroidered, all go towards making it a hen party to remember. 

6) Don’t become a henzilla! – It can be easy to get stressed and frustrated when organizing a hen party, especially if it’s your own, but try not to become over pushy and demanding towards your friends and when making bookings and reservations. Have clear deadlines and plans so things stay on track and you can stay calm.
7) Plan ahead – It may not be a huge party you’re organizing and it could simply be a restaurant booking and hitting a few bars, but it’s always best to plan in advance. Give yourself as much time as possible to make bookings and organize everyone so when the day comes, you can relax and enjoy it. 
Don’t forget, even if things go wrong, it pours with rain, someone twists their ankle or you drop the drinks tray, a hen party is all about celebrating your hen’s last taste of freedom before marriage, and with all her girls around her and a glass of champagne you can’t not have fun! 
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