T-shirt printing for a lad’s holiday

1st Oct 2014 at 09:35am by Top Dog

Holiday T-Shirts

It’s time for you and your friends to jet off on holiday for sun, sea, sand and a few jugs of sangria? It’s a time then for memories to be made and the ‘all for one’ group slogan to really come to the fore. Top Dog T-Shirts can help you get those holiday t-shirts sorted!

Going on holiday as a group is a great way to bond as friends and to celebrate big occasions. It’s about taking allegiances which have grown over the years and sharing the experience of relaxing in style whilst also getting a great tan.

Lads Holiday T-Shirts

When you’re away as a group, you want others to know who you are and that’s you’re out together. The perfect way to show the world this is through a set of personalised printed t-shirts. They are a popular way to communicate in a fun style that you are all travelling together and as you’ll be in the same top, you’ll never lose each other in a crowd. It’s simple to get a set of t-shirts made; choose a style, a colour and a slogan. They can be created in no time at all and certainly before you’re starting to pack your suitcase. Here are some ideas for what you could have printed on your shirts for this never to be forgotten experience:


Everyone has a nickname of some kind - even if they don’t know that others call them it. Printing them on t-shirts will raise a smile on everyone you pass and if appropriate to use be a good talking point for the single men who catch the eye of someone they want to break the ice with. Examples could be ‘Leo ‘the man’ Smith’ or ‘Tony ‘karaoke’ Jones’.

Reason for the holiday

A stag holiday is a popular way for you and the lads to travel together for a few days as preparation for the big day for the groom. Think perhaps about a catchy slogan to put on the t-shirt such along with your name or if the group all have a role to play or reason why they have been invited, this can be used such as ‘John – the Groom’, ‘Mark – Best Man’, ‘Steve – Know secrets from University’.

Group name

If you’re all from the same town or sports team, show your pride in your roots or who you play football or rugby for by having the location on your back. Slogans such as ‘Forever Grimsby lad’s 2014 tour’ or ‘Brackley FC’ will be a great conversation starter. If you play for a team, combine the name with your position such as ‘Brackley FC  - Striker’ or ‘Twickenham RUFC – Fly Half’ to really give your t-shirt individual character. Of course we at Top Dog T-shirts have seen much more inventive names than that and we will happily leave the choosing of the names to your imagination!!


Whatever wording you choose, the important part to remember is to add the date. This way, after you’ve all returned home and the tan has faded, you’ll know in months or years to come when you see the T-shirt in the wardrobe the date you had the holiday and all – or at least the majority depending on how much you enjoyed the sangria – will come flooding back and you’ll be contacting all your friends to look to organise your next group getaway.

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