Stag Do Ideas

29th Aug 2014 at 09:30am by Top Dog

No one wants to be on a boring stag do, and certainly you never want to be the bloke who organized a rubbish stag do. We've put together a few great stag party ideas to help get your creative juices flowing, and make the stags last night of freedom that bit more awesome. Whether it’s your own stag do your planning , or you’re the best man, the ideas below will help make the stag do a memorable one, at least until the beer kicks in anyway.
It’s a great classic. Some custom printed t-shirts will not only give you the opportunity to embarrass the stag and everyone else in the party, but they also help make everyone feel like part of the group, especially if people may not know each other. Sometimes fancy dress and costumes can seem like a bit too much, and t-shirts can be more comfortable for a long night out.
One great idea; get all the group to state their favourite biscuit and this then becomes their nickname for the stag, "Iced Ring" "Kit-Kat", "Hobnob", "Jammy Dodge", etc. You'll be amazed how many girls will strike up a conversation by mentioning what's on your T-shirt.
If names seem a little boring, find some embarrassing photos of the stag and have these printed onto the shirts instead. Or how about theming everyone’s t-shirts into a kind of list.
Another great idea is to have a check list on the stags t-shirt with a list of things they have to do that night, the best man can them carry a marker pen and tick off those achieved. E.g.
  1. ·         Kiss a complete stranger
  2. ·         Grab a random trophy
  3. ·         Order the hottest curry
  4. ·         Blag a free pint
  5. ·         Do Tequila shots
Dressing the Stag
It’s an age old tradition, and always makes it a night to remember. Grab the stag and get him dressed in a ridiculous outfit for the night, and remember to hide his regular clothes. Do try to keep in mind his own tastes and comfort limitations, and also the wishes of the bride, the last thing you want is an angry wife to be on the phone when she finds out. Anything from a full brides outfit to kitting him out in dressing gown, pyjamas, slippers and pipe are suitable foretastes of what is waiting for him when his big day arrives. You can customise the stags costume to really make him embarrassed by printing images onto it as well.
Kidnapping the Stag
It’s another classic but always memorable. If you’re the best man organizing the stag party, try and keep the stag in the dark about all the plans. Give him a list of items to pack but don’t let on to anything else. Bundle him in the back of a waiting car in the middle of the night and use a blindfold to ensure he has no idea where you are going. Be sure to make it authentic and leave the bride a ransom note telling her where to pick him up and what the price of his safe return will be.
The fate coin
You’ll need to find a great coin, maybe an antique penny or something memorable. This coin will hold the power for the night and everything you do will be described on how it falls. Another drink? Another club? Lap dance or get a round in? The coin decides, everyone must obey the power of the fate coin.
If you make sure you’re well organized, plan in advance and if you throw in a few quirky ideas like the ones above, your stag do will be a success, not that everyone will remember it or course.
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