Personal printing for that special gift

1st Oct 2014 at 09:34am by Top Dog

Printing T-shirts

At Top Dog T-Shirts we know that buying a gift for the person in your life who has everything can be a challenge. You want more than chocolate or wine and you don’t want to replicate something they already own. 

Even if you know their taste in music, gift-wrapping a CD never feels particularly individual or thoughtful even if you have spent a great deal of time making your choice. The way to give a gift which is truly unique is to have it personalised in some way. It’s possible to have names and messages printed on so many items these days that it’s highly unlikely that they own anything remotely similar and Top Dog T-Shirts can help you create that special gift.


There’s a huge range of clothing which can now have personalised printing added to it; t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies or even onesies. T-Shirts are however the best option, all you’ll need to do is decide what wording, or image you would like and we have hundreds to choose from and then choose the colour – it’s as easy as that. If they have a favourite football team, band, movie or perhaps have their name printed onto the back of the shirt, or if they like to keep fit and need clothing for their training session, a sweatshirt or running t-shirt is the perfect choice and every time the wear it, they will know it was given with love and thought. 

Bags, wallets and purses 

Male or female, bags are big news now and giving the gift of a personalised bag will be really appreciated. Not only does it have a daily practical use, it has the added style chic of a name printed on it. Perhaps a great idea would be to have their favourite life quote added, this would be seen as particularly thoughtful. Wallets and purses are used on a daily basis and to pull one from a bag with monogrammed initials on them always looks classy. Another popular idea is to have a photograph printed of a loved one or if they own a business, they’ll love you for giving them a free marketing item they can promote themselves with every time they go shopping. 

Canvas Wall Art 

Canvas Art for the home are big news. Chunky Canvases are now a standard fixture of many homes but being able to personalize that wall art is what will make you stand out from the crowd. You can choose a name, a slogan imagery from music to movies and everything in-between which has meaning to them to be recreated on canvas – an image of a games console perhaps for the gaming professional (even if they are only aged 9!) – and every time they climb into bed they will see their amazing one-off gift from you. 

Personalised printed gifts are the way to go for anyone who you know wants something a bit different on their next birthday, at Christmas or just because you love them. They are truly unique and when opened, the lucky recipient will know that you’ve put more time and thought into this gift than any other which could have been plucked from the shelf of a store. Contact Top Dog T-shirts today to find that true unique gift for the loved ones in your life.

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