Hen Do T-shirts Birmingham

Whoever said Men were more disgusting than Women was lying. The Women we have had through our doors recently have had quite possibly the dirtiest minds we have ever had the “pleasure” of witnessing. But we don’t mind, it’s all good fun.

When the Hen’s come to town, we always know we are in for a real treat. Young or old, there’s something about a Hen Do that turns women in cheeky devils, and they generally want to portray this in the Hen Party attire they purchase. If we were to post some of our recent workings online, no doubt we would get banned from the T-Shirt Printing industry and thrown out of the country for posting such filth on the World Wide Web!

Ok, so maybe we exaggerate a bit. But it is true. When Women get together for a Hen Do, or Men for a Stag Do, the outcome is generally the same. A lot of mess, and one heck of a good time...

It puts us in a good position really, when we get to hear all the ideas coming together and the plans for what might be. We can only dread to imagine what some of the outcomes were, as more often than not we will never see or hear from the parties again. It’s a shame really, because we do get to meet some lovely people.

All joking aside, for now, TopDog love printing Hen Party T-shirts, or Hen Do T-shirts, for the ladies of Birmingham, who never cease to deliver surprises in every circumstance. When it comes to T-shirt Printing, TopDog T-shirts have the expertise to help in a number of ways. On top of our already glistening range of Hen Do T-shirts, we offer the opportunity for you to design your own and have it printed ready for the big night. When we say big night, we mean the Hen Do, not the Wedding Night, although we are sure some people only get married to go on a Hen Do….. OK, now the joking stops!

If you are looking for Hen T-shirt Printers in Birmingham then TopDog T-shirts are here for you. From our base in Stourbridge, we are able to print Hen T-shirts for women across Birmingham and the whole West Midlands too. Be sure to get in touch if you want your own custom designs and we can talk you through the process. Otherwise, have fun browsing through the range we already offer.