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So you have been tasked with organising the stag do. It's pretty easy to organise a stag weekend but just in case your having any trouble we've put together this blog to provide some helpful tips when trying book the ultimate last night of freedom!
First things first.

What you need from the stag.

·        Talk to your stag and find out who he wants to invite. 

·        Get the groups phone numbers and email addresses. 

·        Find out what the stag’s expectations are. 

·        Pick a date and check with the bride to be that it doesn't clash with anything. 

·        Find out when and where the hens are going. We don’t want to clash! 

·        If you’re planning on going abroad make sure he has a valid passport and will still have at least 6 weeks left on it from the date of the stag do. 

·        Discuss money and decide a limit.

 ·        Even if you’re keeping the stag in the dark you still need to make sure he at least knows the date!


Google is your friend! 

·        Search the internet for stag do blogs, and organisers.

·        Remember if you don’t go with an organiser get everything in writing!

·        Make sure you tell all hotels, venues, bars etc. that you are a stag party as some places do not like this and will turn you away if they are not informed beforehand. Some places will also offer special arrangements for stag parties so this is essential.

·        Research what the area has to offer before booking, make sure that it offers everything that you and your stag are expecting.

·        Once you've done this you should have a good amount of information to start properly planning your awesome stag do.

·        See if there are minimum/maximum numbers for activities/accommodation etc. this will more than likely affect cost. 


 ·        Be sure to discuss this thoroughly. At least 25% of your group will say yes initially and drop out when they see the price. So sort out a rough figure before contacting the lads. 

·        When booking your accommodation remember that even if it’s cheaper it may be further away from your activities so it will more than likely end up being more expensive in the long run when you start to mount up taxi fares!

  ·        You may also want to remind the lads they will need spending money.

  ·        If you can, find out the costs of the area you’re visiting i.e. if you’re going abroad find out how much a pint is as well as transfers and taxis. This will help the lads decide if they are coming or not.


 ·        It might also be a good idea to organise a kitty for travelling booze and a bit of grub if you’re going by coach. (If you’re going by plane make sure no one is too drunk to fly!)


·        Props. If you’re planning on dressing the stag up you need to decide who will be paying for it. Charity shops are great for this. You can get him a lovely dress for a couple of quid.


·        T Shirts are a great idea for any stag do and don’t have to be expensive. Check out (that’s us by the way) for any custom T Shirts or a great range of pre designed ideas. Your average price for stag T shirts should be around £10 each but can be cheaper if there’s a few of you going. 

Talk to the lads.

 ·        Social media is mostly free so optimise it if you can. If you’re inviting some oldies you might find they won’t have a Facebook account or maybe won’t even have an email address. (I know, in this day in age). Remember if you don’t want the stag to know what’s going on make the group private.

·        If you can, set up a Facebook group or a group email. You might just need to keep any oldies in the loop the old fashioned way, either by text or phone call. Hopefully you won’t have to resort to carrier pigeon!

·        Your first message to the lads should contain all the necessary information such as date, proposed destination and cost.

·        You should also let the lads know that you will be booking it within the month and will need to know definite numbers ASAP.

·        Decide who is paying for the stag. If you don’t want him to have to pay for his stag (with money anyway) ask the lads if they would be willing to split his cost.




·        Get it booked early! If you’re booking your stag for June try and book it by July the year before!

·        If you’re going abroad you will need to be thorough when checking everybody’s passports. Be sure you get all the required information and double check the expiry dates. If you can get them to send you pictures of the main page you need so you can double check the information yourself.

·        Booking for large groups can be a pain so be sure to book early.

·        Booking early can assure you get to do all the activities you want.

·        Check the hotels reviews! We can’t stress this enough. There’s nothing worse than turning up at a dive with no doors and cockroaches in the sheets!

·        When booking your hotel you will no doubt be sharing rooms. It is a good idea to decide who will be sharing rooms beforehand.

·        Try not to have your group split over separate hotels. Having your group split can make the stag party quite tricky when trying to make little arrangements like going out on time and also can increase your cost with taxis.

·        Is breakfast included in your hotel? Is there a meal included with any of you activities? These things are important to know as they will leave more money for beer.

·        Find out when a deposit will be required and how people will be making the payment. Most organisers offer an individual payment option. This makes life a lot easier.

·        Make sure you have flexibility in case anybody cancels.


The gang


 The chances are there will be some people on the stag you will not know. It’s a good idea to have a get together with all your definite stag doers before the actual stag to give everybody a chance to get to know each other a little before the main event.


Nearly there


·         Communication is the key. Be sure to pass on all the relevant information to the group so they can pack accordingly. If you’re keeping the trip a secret from the stag you might have to pack for him. Either that or now is a good time for your first prank. Tell your stag you’re off somewhere warm so he can pack accordingly, shorts, t shirts etc. but of course you’re actually going to Wales in November! This also works the other way around. Just be sure to pack some items he will need for him. A too cold or too hot stag is a grumpy stag!

·         The better prepared you are before the stag the more fun you can have when you get there. A good idea is to print out a copy of your itinerary for each of the group so everyone knows all the times and etc.

·         If you’re going abroad be double sure to check everybody’s passports. Also check your baggage allowances and see if it’s included in the cost of the flight!


Let the good times roll!


·        If you’re not travelling together you need to arrange a meeting point and time. The best place is probably going to be the hotel.

·        To avoid any of your party forgetting where they will be sleeping that night it might be a good idea to hand out some of the hotels business cards so the lads can have a little reminder should alcohol numb their memory.

·        This is another good time to breakout the kitty if you have budgeted enough for it. It’s a good way to get the day started without anybody having to break into their spending money.

·        Get your group on guest lists for the clubs you want to visit. If you tell the clubs enough in advance you are a large group you might even ensure free entry.

·        Plan your bar crawl. You need to make sure that you are going to be let into these places being a stag party. Not everyone welcomes you but most will.

·        Do you need to book taxis to and from hotels? In a large group it’s probably best to book a minivan or let everyone organise their own way back to the hotel.

·        Drinking games are an excellent way to get the ball rolling and also great for getting to know each other if you haven’t already done so.

·        Any youngsters in the group need to make sure they have valid I.D. preferably not a passport. Losing this could be very problematic if you’re abroad.

·        Making sure no one is left behind is essential for a good stag. A good way to ensure this is the buddy system. This can easily be arranged by who is sharing a room.

·        Just remember stay safe and make sure everyone has a good time. Making your stag too drunk or injuring him can ruin the whole weekend! 


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Thanks for reading our blog. We hope this helps, and please remember to pass it on.


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